Publications : Medicine

Deep Mutagenesis of a Transporter for Uptake of a Non-Native Substrate Identifies Conformationally Dynamic Regions

bioRxiv, 2021
*Young, Heather J. and *Chan, Matthew and *Selvam, Balaji and Szymanski, Steven K. and Shukla, Diwakar and Procko, Erik
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Distinct Binding Mechanisms for Allosteric Sodium Ion In Cannabinoid Receptors

bioRxiv, 2021.
Dutta, Soumajit and Selvam, Balaji and Shukla, Diwakar
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Why does Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol act as a partial agonist of cannabinoid receptors?

bioRxiv, 2021.
Dutta, Soumajit and Selvam, Balaji and Das, Aditi and Shukla, Diwakar
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Degradation of complex arabinoxylans by human colonic Bacteroidetes

Nature communications, 12(1): 1-21, 2021
Pereira, Gabriel V and Abdel-Hamid, Ahmed M and Dutta, Soumajit and D’Alessandro-Gabazza, Corina N and Wefers, Daniel and Farris, Jacob A and Bajaj, Shiv and Wawrzak, Zdzislaw and Atomi, Haruyuki and Mackie, Roderick I and Gabazza, Esteban C and Shukla, Diwakar and Koropatkin, Nicole M and Cann, Issac
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The Substrate Import Mechanism of the Human Serotonin Transporter

ChemRxiv, 2020
Chan, Matthew C Selvam, Balaji and Young, Heather J and Procko, Erik and Shukla, Diwakar

How does evolution design functional free energy landscapes of proteins? A case study on the emergence of regulation in the Cyclin Dependent Kinase family

Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, 5(1): 392-400, 2020
Zahra Shamsi and Diwakar Shukla

Structural architecture of a dimeric class C GPCR based on co-trafficking of sweet taste receptor subunits

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294(13): 4759-4774, 2019
Jihye Park and Balaji Selvam and Keisuke Sanematsu and Noriatsu Shigemura and Diwakar Shukla and Erik Procko

Dodine as a Kosmo-Chaotropic Agent

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10(10): 2600-2605, 2019
Drishti Guin and Shriyaa Mittal and Brian Bozymski and Diwakar Shukla and Martin Gruebele

Divalent cations promote TALE DNA-binding specificity

Nucleic Acids Research, 48(3): 1406-1422, 2019
Luke Cuculis and Chuankai Zhao and Zhanar Abil and Huimin Zhao and Diwakar Shukla and Charles M Schroeder

Universality of the Sodium Ion Binding Mechanism in Class A G-Protein-Coupled Receptors

Angewandte Chemie, 130(12): 3102-3107, 2018
Balaji Selvam and Zahra Shamsi and Diwakar Shukla