Shukla Group

Molecular Engineering Laboratory

The long-term research goal of Shukla group is to combine theory, computation, and experiments to develop quantitative models of biological phenomena relevant for health, energy and climate change. We integrate ideas from a wide range of disciplines tied together by a vision of “Dynamic” biology and its role in engineering products.

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Projects Research

Molecular Plant Biology

We employ computational and experimental techniques for interrogating protein dynamics to investigate regulation of plant transporters and hormone receptors to guide future crop innovation.

Molecular Medicine

Our group is interested in deciphering the mechanisms of regulation of protein function with a particular focus on membrane transporter proteins and G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).

Simulation Methods

We are developing computational methods to address the challenges of conformational sampling, accuracy and interpretability of large scale simulation data from molecular simulations.

Experiments Protein Engineering

We are employing high-throughput experimental and computational methods to decipher sequence-structure-dynamics-function relationship for protein engineering.