2017 NEWS Archive

December 2017: Our group received the “New Innovator award in Food and Agriculture Research” from the Foundation for food and agriculture research!

December 2017: Check out the news article about our research paper on regulation of plant kinases, “Researchers harness the power of a supercomputer to better understand plant enzymes“.

November 2017: Zahra Shamsi and Prof. Shukla presented several talks and a poster at 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting at Minneapolis. Prof. Shukla also chaired the session on Data Mining and Machine Learning in Molecular Sciences.

October 2017: Check out our recent paper on “Enhanced unbiased sampling of protein dynamics using evolutionary coupling information” in Scientific Reports. Congratulations Zahra and Alex! 

October 2017: Shriyaa presented her work on ‘Optimal Probes’ at the Gracehopper Conference in Orlando. Congratulations Shriyaa!

September 2017: Check out Prof. Shukla’s interview about his role as a director for Girls Adventure in Mathematics Engineering and Sciences Camp. Congratulations to the entire GAMES team!

July 2017: Dr. Balaji Selvam wins one of three best poster awards at the Monsanto Research Symposium. Congratulations Balaji!

July 2017: Check our our latest paper in collaboration with Diao group on printable electronics technology published in Nature Communications. Congratulations Diao group and Chuankai!! Here is the link to the news about this article and the article on the nature website.

June 2017: Our group organized the Girls Adventure in Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences Camp for high school girls from across the country.

June 2017:  Prof. Shukla feature in the list of excellent Teachers for teaching undergraduate and graduate elective ChBE  478/594 DS.

May 2017:  Moeen graduates with an undergraduate degree in ChBE. Congratulations to the second alumni of ShuklaGroup!

May 2017:  Shriyaa Mittal is the recipient of the CSE fellowship from the Computational Science and Engineering program at Illinois. Congratulations Shriyaa!

April 2017:  Kevin Cheng is the recipient of the prestigious Ford Foundation fellowship from the National Academies of Arts, Sciences and Medicine. Congratulations Kevin!

March 2017: Undergraduate student Qihua Chen was selected as the Blue Waters Intern for the year 2017-18. Congratulations Qihua!

February 2017:  Balaji Selvam and Shriyaa Mittal gave oral presentations on their work on membrane transporters at the Annual Biophysical Society meeting.