Publications : Experimental Biology

Deep Mutagenesis of a Transporter for Uptake of a Non-Native Substrate Identifies Conformationally Dynamic Regions

bioRxiv, 2021
*Young, Heather J. and *Chan, Matthew and *Selvam, Balaji and Szymanski, Steven K. and Shukla, Diwakar and Procko, Erik
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Engineered ACE2 decoy mitigates lung injury and death induced by SARS-CoV-2 variants.

Nature Chemical Biology, Volume 18, pages 342–351, 2022.
Lianghui Zhang, Soumajit Dutta, Shiqin Xiong, Matthew Chan, Kui K Chan, Timothy M Fan, Keith L Bailey, Matthew Lindeblad, Laura M Cooper, Lijun Rong, Anthony F Gugliuzza, Diwakar Shukla, Erik Procko, Jalees Rehman, Asrar B Malik
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Degradation of complex arabinoxylans by human colonic Bacteroidetes

Nature communications, 12(1): 1-21, 2021
Pereira, Gabriel V and Abdel-Hamid, Ahmed M and Dutta, Soumajit and D’Alessandro-Gabazza, Corina N and Wefers, Daniel and Farris, Jacob A and Bajaj, Shiv and Wawrzak, Zdzislaw and Atomi, Haruyuki and Mackie, Roderick I and Gabazza, Esteban C and Shukla, Diwakar and Koropatkin, Nicole M and Cann, Issac
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